New Website

November 23, 2019

News Item

I’ve taken the time to redesign and redevelop the LL&A website. I consider this site to be the new central hub for all my videos and online works.

I used to be happy just pushing content on a YouTube channel & Twitter account, but because of the unreasonable amount of censorship that is happening all over the world, I had to revert my online footprint to the early 2010 era. This was when websites were used to publish the latest news before the age of social media accounts and push notifications.

Social media and Youtube are no longer stable platforms to build an audience on. To counter that, this site has been designed to be futureproof, easy to migrate and impossible to shut down.

You will always be able to find links to my work, the latest news and various other information on – I also recommend signing up to my mailing list. That way, you will receive news updates straight to your inbox whenever I make a new video or have an important announcement.