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Queer Kids Stuff

The Lost Episode

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Don’t believe (((her))) lies

“Queer Kids Stuff” is an infamous YouTube channel where producer Lindsay Amer creates inappropriate content for a very young audience. With videos titles such as “B is for BISEXUAL” and “Make your own PRIDE FLAG with DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR”, it’s easy to see why this channel has become a focal point for conservative outrage. It also provides a well known example of mainstream degeneracy promoted by YouTube,

Once I discovered that Lindsay Amer was Jewish and that she provided another living example of the “My Fellow White People” meme, it was impossible not to view “Kids Queer Stuff” through those timeless & reliable lens. This video was created with those themes in mind. Dissecting Amer’s arguments within the framework of race and ethnicity.

Lindsay Amer has since discontinued the “Queer Kids Stuff” series, citing “anti-Semitism”, “neo-Nazism” and “homophobia” as the reason. In reality, she still would be creating these videos if more people had paid her.

The free market wins again.

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Clips Used (IN ORDER):

What is RACE ft. Kyra! Privilege – Queer Kid Stuff | KISS Full Interview & Firehouse Mike Douglas Show 1974 (YouTube) | Jews guilty of the evils of slavery Minister Farrakhan | Jews ran the Slave Trade Minister Farrakhan | Dr Tony Martin on Jewish Slave Owners | Holocaust Discussion With David Cole & Mark Weber Montel Williams Show | Morgan Freeman, Black History Month = Jewish History Month 60 Minutes

music Used:

Queer Kid Stuff Theme Song (YouTube) | Hatikbah – Jewish Ukulele (YouTube) | Wagner – Tannhäuser Overture