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All it takes is one bad day…

And you’ll be HonkPilled 🤡

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All it takes is just one bad day.

The Joker character has become the focal point for many memes used in today’s modern culture – from Clown World to the unique grassroots promotion for the Joker 2019 film.

In “The Killing Joke” (2016), the Joker attempts to demonstrate that any ordinary man can be driven insane after just one bad day. With these themes in mind, this chilling short video was created in the peak of the Christchurch mosque shooting hysteria, where many complex social/political issues were brought to the forefront in chaotic, unproductive and damaging ways (which is exactly what the shooter intended & anticipated).

Initially produced as a twitter video, this video has been mirrored by others across YouTube, 4chan and even the Daily Stormer, resonating the possibility that the Joker was right all along. That it only takes one bad day to make anyone honkpilled.

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Clips Used (in order):

Batman The Killing Joke 2016 | New Zealand Mosque Shooting Suspect Makes First Court Appearance – TODAY | Zina Bash ‘flashes’ white power symbol at Kavanaugh hearing (YouTube) | Coast Guard member appears to flash the white power hand signal (YouTube) | The OK Sign Hoax – Joe Rogan & Tim Pool | Spyro Reignited Trilogy Launch Trailer | Pauline Hanson ambushed after Christchurch massacre – Sunrise | Fraser Anning EGGED in Melbourne! But What Really Happened – Mattys Modern Life | Israel Strikes Militants In Gaza Strip In Retaliation For Tel Aviv Attack – TIME | Gaza airstikes Israel bombs Hamas targets after rockets fired at Tel Aviv – France 24 English | Paris turns into battle ground in Yellow Vest protest – EuroNews

music Used:

Have You Got My Location – Batman Arkham City OST