Updated Video Collection

May 25, 2020

News Item

I’ve spent most of 2019 refocusing on my professional career and researching the ever-complicated question in preparation for v2. This prolonged downtime has allowed me to update my skills and build a new computer to handle video production. It has also given me the chance to rewatch all my videos with fresh eyes after a long period of downtime.

To keep my creative skills sharp and to test the limits of my new setup, all of my videos have been reworked. These updates range from simple mastering tweaks, to entirely new sections being written. The most significant change can be found in the “The Case Against Libertarian Rants” video, which is now titled “The Case Against Breadtube”.

I’ve reuploaded this new collection across every open video platform I can use. I will no longer use YouTube to host the more controversial topics, but you can still find the older “Philosophy Of…” favourites there.

I’m also experimenting with using torrents to share HD videos without relying on central platforms. You can find these torrent files and magnet links on each respective video page. This might prove to be the fastest and reliable way of sharing content that maintains its picture quality without the fear of having it removed.

Check out each video page for new links for each video as the older versions have been removed.