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New Video: The Case Against Breadtube | 4 Jun 2020

I'm proud to release my next presentation: "The Case Against Breadtube" - a major update to "The Case Against Libertarian Socialist Rants". This feature has over an hour of new content appended to the head and tail of the original video. The only section that has not changed is the Spanish Civil War. The Breadtube [...]

Updated Video Collection | 25 May 2020

I’ve spent most of 2019 refocusing on my professional career and researching the ever-complicated question in preparation for v2. This prolonged downtime has allowed me to update my skills and build a new computer to handle video production. It has also given me the chance to rewatch all my videos with fresh eyes after a [...]

New Website | 23 Nov 2019

I’ve taken the time to redesign and redevelop the LL&A website. I consider this site to be the new central hub for all my videos and online works.I used to be happy just pushing content on a YouTube channel & Twitter account, but because of the unreasonable amount of censorship that is happening all over the [...]