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Commentary Tracks + Higher QUALITY VIDEOs

If you enjoy watching my videos, then you’d probably enjoy watching them again in the way it was meant to be watched.

Similar to the DVD experience, you can purchase additional audio tracks where I share my own director’s commentary alongside each video. These are professionally recorded and edited with content, so there is no empty noise or boring fillers. Learn about the creative process, the revelations I had during research, additional information relating to the topic, what was going on personally behind the scenes & loads more, This is an insider personal experience that can only be found here and is a great way of supporting my work whilst learning more about the topic and the creative process.

What’s more, these commentary tracks are saved with a higher quality export of the video. Lots of the graphical details I put into these videos are lost when they are uploaded to YouTube and BitChute. With this purchase, you will receive a 1080p hi-def video export that is encoded with the highest quality settings – the way these videos are meant to be watched, You won’t find this quality on any video platforms I share these videos on, or on the torrents I’ve also put out.

After purchase, an email will be sent you within 5 minutes with instructions and download links which includes the commentary track, the video, the subtitles and the cover. It is recommended to use a gmail account for easier transfers.

If you have any problems, contact me.


Subscribe Monthly

All of my videos are put out for free with no ads or sponsors. I enjoy making these videos and would love to continue, but it has become an expensive hobby for me. My main challenge is coming up with the money I need to work. I fund these productions myself, and so I bleed resources whenever I work on a production. Getting banned on YouTube and Patreon years ago has not helped either.

If you enjoy my videos and would like to see me create more content frequently, then becoming a monthly subscriber would enable me to do just that. My ultimate goal is to be financially secure enough to drop my professional career to work on LL&A full-time. The only way that will happen is through a loyal fan base via subscribestar.

Subscribe monthly

One time

Lots of people just prefer to give a one time donation to say thanks and move on. I am encouraged by each donation I receive. If you make a larger one across PayPal or digital currencies, send a message I’ll send you all of the commentary tracks as a thank you.